“To live a fulfilled life, we need to keep creating the 'what is next', of our lives. Without dreams and goals there is no living, only merely existing, and that is not why we are here.” —Mark Twain


SAIL Coaching & Consulting, LLC’s mission is to help neurodivergent individuals and their families achieve personal, professional and academic goals through collaboration and inspiration. Our vision is to provide services catered to each individual’s needs while providing feedback and guidance for clients to reach their personal best. SAIL Coaching & Consulting is committed to positive thinking to promote independence, increase life skills and build self-esteem for all our clients to unleash their fullest potential.

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Services Offered:

Social & Soft Skills

A set of social competencies demonstrated when communicating and interacting with others in small or large group settings. This includes reading body language and social cues, looking at others’ viewpoints through perspective taking, overall communication skills to include making small talk with confidence, sending written correspondence and socializing in general in casual, academic or professional settings.

Goal Setting

An action plan developed to achieve milestones to work towards personal and professional growth. Goal setting serves as a tool to heighten motivation and outline a clear vision of what a person needs to accomplish targeted ideas.


Developing strategies through a focused step-by-step process to find solutions to complicated issues.


Expressing self-interests (thoughts and feelings) to have your needs and wants met to include knowing when to ask for help or seek appropriate support from others.

Relationship Development

Establishing meaningful connections with family, peers and others to promote personal and professional growth. This component explores the importance of finding commonalities and developing long-term friendships and romantic interests.

Executive Function &

Developing proficiency in prioritizing tasks and multitasking by improving cognitive flexibility (adaptability), working memory, time management, self-restraint, planning and organization skills.

Partnered with The Question Center

At The Question Center, our mission is to enrich the lives of ALL learners with community involvement, whole learning and exposure, regardless of skill or academic level.

Partnered with Control Jiu-Jitsu

provide kids martial arts, MMA, BJJ and fitness classes with experienced staff interacting with neurodiverse clientele.

Latest Interview

BREVARD COUNTY — When life gets overwhelming and you simply need a helping hand to get organized, SAIL Coaching & Consulting, LLC has got your back.

Owner and life coach Daphne Soto has the understanding and capability to mentor those seeking assistance.

Mrs. Soto founded SAIL Coaching & Consulting in 2020 after 25-plus years serving in the military. She had a calling to help others and her business embodies the desire to help others find Serenity, Affirmation, Insight and Life.

Her business opened its doors at 34 Laurie Street, Melbourne in April and has further expanded to take on additional clients with the help of Jacqueline Vanderby, an independent contractor who coaches in financial literacy and academic pursuits.

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