SAIL Coaching & Consulting


Daphne Soto

 Owner, M.A., MHC, Coach, PRS, CLYL

Welcome! I am the founder and owner of SAIL Coaching & Consulting, LLC. After serving my country for over 25 years in the military and working in the field of human resources, I had a calling to continue helping others. I completed my Masters of Arts in Professional Mental Health Counseling from Webster University and began working with young adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD–Level 1) or other learning differences. For over 5 years, I have dedicated my time to working with neurodivergent young adults as a mentor helping them to recognize and achieve their personal, professional and academic goals.

Initially upon graduation, my intent was to pursue licensure in the state of Florida. However, after serving as a consultant for therapists, I recognized that a life coach was more inline with what I wanted to do–collaborate with children, young adults and their parents to achieve their goals and passions utilizing a support system that addresses several areas of growth and development. Even more so, I recognized resources were scarce for individuals beyond their formative years and programs that could accommodate their needs were beyond many family’s price range. This led me to wanting others to SAIL, that is, find Serenity. Affirmation. Insight. Life. in a way that motivates them to discover their purpose.

I am married (my husband is also an Air Force veteran) with 3 children, two of which are diagnosed with learning differences and thriving as adults living independently. Our third child is graduating high school this year and entering college in the fall. I am originally from South Carolina and enjoy spending time with my family, traveling (pre-COVID), reading and creating positive energy wherever I go.


Cecilia was born in Panama and raised in Italy. She is a US Army veteran that proudly served her country for more than 20 years prior to calling Brevard County home. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Master in Business Administration with a concentration in Organizational Psychology and Development. Cecilia is fluent in Spanish, Italian and English (also dabbles in speaking German and Tagalog) and is currently an instructor at Florida Academy School of Baking. Her culinary skills are sought after throughout the United States. She also has experience in working with neurodivergent children and their families. Cecilia’s infectious smile and positivity makes learning to cook and bake a fun experience for everyone. Her compassion, diverse wealth of knowledge and desire to embrace opportunities encourages others to embrace something new as well. She is married and enjoys reading, traveling and of course, preparing meals for friends and family.  

Cecilia Hambrick-Mariaca

MBA, SAIL Life Coach (Independent Contractor)

Jacqueline was raised in the Florida Space Coast and graduated from Eastern Florida State College in 2009 with an Associates in the Arts in Education. She later went on to University of Central Florida earning a Bachelors of Science in Psychology degree in 2013. In 2011, Jacqueline studied abroad in Florence, Italy for a year and then returned to Europe to live abroad for seven years; she resided in Italy, Belgium, Albania and England.

Jacqueline began to work for a domestic violence center in 2020, where she helped survivors to rebuild their lives through educational and housing programs. She soon developed and implemented mentoring, GED and college education programs. She specializes in financial literacy and management as well as academic pursuits. Jacqueline continues to help people achieve their goals to build their purpose towards a brighter future through positive motivation and coaching.

Jacqueline Vanderby

B.S., SAIL Life Coach, PRS (Independent Contractor)

Autumn is a collegiate high school student attending Eastern Florida State College and will graduate with her high school diploma and AA degree summer 2022. After graduation, she plans to pursue a pre-med track to achieve her dream of becoming a reconstructive plastic surgeon. She is a member of the National Honor Society and National Beta Club and has received a host of awards for her academic achievements. Autumn was also a varsity wrestler for her high school and recently was promoted to purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). She is a mixed martial arts competitor winning numerous competitions to include first place in her overall age group at COPA. Her experience includes volunteering at College Internship Program (CIP Brevard), Get SOAKed and Brevard PALS events, mentoring neurodivergent clients and teaching women’s self-defense seminars as well as co-teaching children’s BJJ classes. She is CPR certified and currently completing her certification in exercise science

Autumn Soto

Social Mentor Intern

Lauren is a student at the College Internship Program (CIP) Brevard and is originally from Stuart, Florida. She is currently enrolled at EFSC and is pursuing a degree in early childhood education. She is the CIP Student Council secretary and this is her second year holding a position on the student council. Her future goals include traveling the world and becoming a school teacher specializing in early childhood development and education. Lauren has interned at Paloma Academy for children on the autism spectrum, Capture survey company, Longhorn Steakhouse, and Marshalls. She also was employed at Rover in-home pet care. Her interests and hobbies include going to the beach, traveling, doing puzzles, volunteering in the local community, and playing and watching sports (NFL, college football and basketball are her favorites–Go Dolphins!) and she has a love of dogs.

Lauren Dailey

Social Mentor Intern

Danard Ingraham is from Nassau, Bahamas and is currently enrolled at the Brevard College Internship Program (CIP) as part of their Graduate Living Community (GLC). He is also enrolled at Eastern Florida State College (EFSC) and pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Business. Danard is slated to graduate in Summer 2023 and plans to return home to seek employment. He has interned at CareAmerica and Browning’s Pharmacy as well as served as a volunteer at Brevard Uncorked events for three years. His hobbies include reading, writing, playing and watching video games and listening to music. He enjoys going for walks while listening to his music and playing out scenes in his head.

Danard Ingraham

Social Mentor Intern

Cady is a bookkeeping specialist and the owner of Pegasus Accounting that was established in 2018. She recently returned to college to pursue earning her masters degree in Clinical Psychology. Her future goal is to open her own practice specializing in neurodivergent adults and men’s mental health. She aims to use her own experiences as a neurodivergent individual to help others to understand themselves and to use their unique perspectives to pave their own paths. Cady spent most of her life in Maryland before moving to Brevard County with her husband and two cats in 2021. She is passionate about travel and tries as many new experiences as she can. She enjoys all things geek, music, and rock climbing for fitness

Cady Milley,

SAIL Volunteer